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Monday, October 21, 2013

Second week in Anaheim

Second week in the field...

First off, I want you all to be jealous because I got to help a real live hoarder clean her house. It was an amazing experience being on the front line of a hoarder clean up. haha. Each week we have to do some sort of service project, and we were lucky enough to have a less active hoarder in our ward. Score! So, each week we come to her house and help her move treasures from one room to the next. I don't mind it at all one because I don't have to live there, and two, she's a really really nice lady. It made my day.

Second, I love missionary work. This week, we've struggled to find people to teach. So, we've done a lot of tracting. At first I was terrified of tracting because talking to strangers about religion is hard and weird. I mean, I would be weirded out if someone just came up to me and started talking about their church. Luckily, the knowledge that this is the true chuch helped me through it. I can't remember who said it, but one of the general authorities said that we should be bold in our teaching and not ashamed of sharing the gospel. I tried to internalize this thought as we went out tracting. It was a little rough at first, but once  I got into it, it was fun and easy. Now, I know that tracting isn't the most effective form of missionary work, but I know that it show the Lord that we're willing to work hard and that we have the faith to find those who are looking for the gospel. Plus it was good practice for me.

I still have to say that my favorite part of missionary work is teaching. On Sunday night we had a lesson with Ed, our golden investigator. He didn't come to church that day, so we were worried that he was dropping us. We went over to his house with no notice and ended up teaching him the 3rd lesson from PMG. It was so amazing to teach and testify about the gospel of Jesus Christ and even more amazing to see the light of understanding and truth go on in Ed's eyes. He's really committed to baptism, but he lives with his girlfriend. Our next lesson is on the law of chastity and I'll let you know how that goes:)

Other than that, our week has been pretty normal. Study, tract, teach, go to church. It's amazing how the time flies as a missionary. I can't even believe that I've already been out in the field for 2 weeks and almost out on my mission for 2 months. So dang crazy!!

I love you all and I hope that your week is excellent.


Love, Sister Whitney
Pictures from last p day. we went and walked around downtown Disney and looked around the stores. I have a Chewbacca backpack on and a snap shot of me and Gandalf.

Picture I drew of Ammon cutting off the arms of the Lamanites. it was for a lesson. The investigator likes to draw so I drew my favorite story. Don't worry, she thought the arms were funny:)


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