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Monday, October 7, 2013

Last letter from the MTC!

October 7, 2013    Last letter from Lauren at the MTC.


Seriously? Is no one but me excited for Anaheim? Oh well, it's my mission anyways:)
This was a crazy busy week. That, on top of conference, pretty much left me no time for anything.

The best experience this week was being a part of the wednesday night experience for the new missionaries. Sister Padilla and I were asked to participate and "play" missionaries in a teaching senario. The new missionaries are split up into group and watch the begining of a first lesson with an investigator. Our first invertigator's name was Carlo. He was really interested in the plan of salvation becasue his wife had passed away. Sister Padilla and I started by asking questions about his life, his hobbies, what he likes, and then about His religious backgroud. This is all going on while a group of 30 new missionaries are watching. It was a little nerve racking, but once we got into it, it was easy. Carlo asked a question along the lines of "can I see my wife again" and right as I was about to answer, we were cut off so the new missionaries could have a shot. 

Our next invertigator's name was Hely and it was a little bit harder talking to her. She was a little stand offish and didn't really want to talk with us -the investigators are paid actors btw- but we eventually got to her 'big' question and then we were cut off. It was an amazing experience. I was surpised at how much I wanted to help these people and that they are searching for anwsers I've had all my life. It reaffirmed to me why I am serving this mission for the Lord. He wants his children back with Him and I can help that happen. I cannot wait to get started in Anaheim.

The next day (thursday) we had in field orientation. It lasted 8 hours and was basically a way to get us ready for the field (no duh). I really loved it though because we learned how to care for the investigator, appraoch people in different situations, and how to work hard thoughout the mission. I can't wait to apply this to the field!!!!

The next big activity was conference. I don't think I've ever paid so much attention to conference before, but I should have:) I think I ended up taking 12 pages of notes. Crazy. My favorite talk was by Elder Nielsen. IN his talk he said that the Body is the Temple for our Spirit. I don't know why, but I loved that! He also discused self mastery and how we shouldn't be addicted to anything, including things that waste our time. In the mtc, I've really come to apprecitate time and I try not to waste it. I would challenge you to do the same. You can just get so many activities done that way! 

I also loved Elder Holland's talk (along with every other member of the church). I know that the talk was for mental illness, but I couldn't help but think of Mom and her MS. I know that Elder Holland's words are true and I can't wait until I get to heaven and Mom and I can run together. I hope that she beats me:) Love you, Mom. 

Anyway, I have to go pack for tomorrow. I leave the MtC at 3;30 in the morning. Yay. But I get to be a california girl! (california girls are unforgetable. knee length skirts and name tags on top):)

 I love you all to the moon and back. peace and blessings

-Sister Whitney



(Lauren used to be such a good speller! So much for correct English. Haha)



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