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Monday, October 7, 2013

That package was unbeileveable! Holy cow! That shirt is the coolest thing I've ever seen! And I did the legos as fast as I could:)

(I made this shirt from cotton that was backed by paper so I was able to print directly on the fabric. Tee shirt compliments of Hobby Robby! I also sent her a sharpie so she could have everyone in her district sign it before they travel off to parts all across America to wait for their visas.)
(p.s. We have a family tradition of playing and creating with legos on conference weekends. For quite a few years we didn't have a television so we listened to conference and it was great to give the kids something to do with their hands as they listened. I sent Lauren a small package with superman legos for her general conference experience so that is what she is talking about.)
So, I'm sending a package home with stuff I don't have room for. There's also a sweater that has a hole in it. If you can fix it, great. If not, I don't care. No biggie. Also, there's a letter for Danielle's mom because she sent me a package. If you could get it to her, that would be great. 
My flight leaves at 7:10 so I'll probably call home aroun 6:15ish. I'm really not sure. Sorry that it's so early. I'm excited to talk to you though:) By 9:35, I will be a california missionary. Whoop Whoop! I love you so much:)

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