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Monday, June 30, 2014

Yay for Montana!

Yay for Montana!!! I am only a little sad that I am not there with everyone, but not too sad because I know that I will be there next year:) I hope that you all have a fantastic time. I hope that you guys get to enjoy yet again that wonderful band, Feddy Pink, in Big Sky. Oh what luck you would have. 
Anyways, my week was pretty dang busy. First off, the world cup. OH MY GOSH DO I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so incredibly fun watching the last 2 games. I was dying form happiness. We watched Monday´s game at a member´s house. There was a ton of people there and everyone was shouting and laughing. Plus, Irmão Joaquim (the guy whose house we were at) made tapioca. It´s like this white crunch crepe like thing that is so good you want to die. Overall, it was an amazing day:) 
On Wednesday we went to do a split with the other sisters in our district. They don´t live to far so it wasn´t very stressful traveling there. I had a blast working with them. I was with Sister R. Santos and she was a riot. Most of our visits fell through, but I had a great time making contacts with her. That night was a bit of an adventure because they didn´t have extra mattresses for us to sleep on. Thankfully they had two couches in their house. Unfortunately, they were the crappiest sofas in the world and it wasn´t a super restful night. One was almost long enough for Sister Sargent, but had jutting poles that poked her back all night. Mine was a love seat, but there was definitely NO love in my heart for that couch. I slept kneeling the whole night. ADVENTURE!! But we suffered through it and had a good laugh afterwords. 
Saturday was our next big day. We watched the next game at another member´s house and everyone almost died with how close it was. Sister Gomes was seriously crying when Brasil won. Futebol is a big deal here. I ended up biting all my nails off, but I have no regrets because that game was so awesome.
Then we had this cool traditional party with our ward call the Festa Junina. Everyone dresses up like hicks and all the food has to do with corn. It was a blast!!! Plus there was a ton of non members there and we were able to talk to them about the church. Awesome!!!! It was a crazy night and everyone was happy and dancing. It was kind of like a Hoe Down, but a Brasil version. I loved it:) 
Now today, we have to go to Piracicaba for another leadership meeting. I freaking out a little bit because they asked me to give some training for like 10 minutes. HOLY COW! I hope that it goes well:) 
Overall, this was one of the happiest weeks in my mission. And, we are teaching a really awesome girls named Vanessa that maybe will be baptized this Sunday. Woot!!! We´ll see how it goes!
I love you all so much and I hope that you have a fantastic time together!!! 
Sister Whitney

The lovely couchs we "slept" on.

This was after our couch experience. I was freezing cold but only had a grandma sweater and socks as extra clothing. I´ll probably start a new fashion with this look.

Just some dancing going on. It was really a fun night:)

This is Sister R. Santos.

This is a member who i love dearly. Her name is Jucerema. Herr face really isn´t like that though, it´s just the makeup she used to look like a hick.

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  1. Incredible girl love forever

    Eliana (Piracicaba Brasil)