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Monday, June 23, 2014

Just keep knocking... just keep knocking... don't happy!

Hello Family and Friends!!!!!
So this week was incredible busy, but so awesome!!! So basically, we had 2 and a half days to work in our area because of our leadership meeting in Piracicaba, the world cup, our p-day, and our first split as Sister Trainer Leaders. But it was still an amazing week and we had a boatload of stuff to do. I love it when that happens. 
Our first split was with Sister Keeler and Sister Gomes, the sisters that live with us. It was kind of a weird split because I was with SIster Keeler in my old area from last transfer. She has only been in Poços for like 2 weeks, so I was the one that knew the area better. That was weird, but it was still fun. She is an incredibly happy person and even though almost all of our appointments fell through, she was happy through it all. I really admire that quality in a missionary, because sometimes it just sucks when no one is at home and you want to be sad about it. But not Sister Keeler:) She just kept pluggin away. I loved it.
Can I just say that I feel a little unqualified to be a Sister Trainer Leader? I am so grateful for the calling, and I am going to do my best with it for sure, but who the heck am I to tell other sister what they can do better. I still feel like I just got out of the MTC sometimes. Oh well, it´s a work in progress. I am so lucky that I have Sister Sargent as my companion and that we are figuring this out together. It´s definitely and adventure. 
Also this week we got an amazing referral from a member. Her name is Vanessa and we have only taught her once, but it was pretty awesome. We taught her the Restauração with the member there and Vsanessa was super interested. Then the next day she came to church. Booo Ya!! I am so excited to keep teaching her. We´ll see how it goes.
Church was great too because Bruno received the Holy Ghost. (It´s so weird to say  "Holy Ghost" and not "Espirito Santo". Weird) I was about to burst I was so happy. He is such and amazing guy and I feel soooo blessed to have had the opportunity to teach him and be his friend. 
So, other than that our week has been pretty normal. OH!!! President Canuto said we can now watch the Brasil games in the world cup, so today we are heading to a member´s house to watch the game! WOOT!! Vai Brasil!!!! Beat them soundly in the scrimmage!
Love you guys tons!!!
Sister Whitney
p.s. Happy Late Birthday Dad!!! Love You!!!

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