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Monday, August 18, 2014

Party with the Brazilians in Utah!

I have to insert an experience here in Lauren's blog. She wrote to me last week telling me about some people from her ward that were coming to Orem and also about the son of one of the members who is going to school here at LDS Business college.. Lauren is living with Suzete Mello and forgive me, I can't remember her husbands name and this is the house they live in together. Apparently there is an apartment for the missionaries.

Suzete Mello

The Mello's have 3 children, Fabio (who is married to Thais), Patricia (who is also recently married and has 2 children from a previous marriage named Sophia and Andrew), and another girl who live in Salt Lake that I haven't met.
This is Lauren, her companion, and her favorite people from the ward, Thais and Fabio. This picture was taken Sunday August 10th right before the Mello's came to America.

 In order: Fabio, Thais,Christian (Patricia's new husband of 3 months), and Patricia!

Andrew and his Mom, and Sophia with my dog Toby.

Next we have a fantastic man by the name of Kevin Cruz. His Mother, Elsie and Father, Eder, literally live around the corner from my daughter in Rio Claro. 
Elsie and Eder's home.
Elsie is the Mom on the right feeding the missionaries. She is a saint. 

This is Eder and this was Father's Day which was last sunday in Brazil. Lauren skyped with Kevin as he called his Dad. She messaged me the next day about Kevin and his Mom's concern with her son. I was able to meet Kevin and take care of him like his Mom is doing for my daughter. He is so awesome and funny! We love him already. 

Elena, Kevin and Bridger when we went to be Santa in his apartment in SLC. 

My new son, Kevin!!! I love this kid and feel so blessed to meet him and be his American Mom!

Ok, so now all the connections are made and I can get on to our party! I invited them all over for dinner last Friday night and we went out on our patio and ate some great food. Only Patricia and Kevin speak English so we had a good time translating as well as using our phones to translate to speak to each other. I was struck by how full of life and acceptance and love these fantastic people are. Brazilians love life and they are truly my people. I don't know how Lauren is going to stand to leave them. I can kind of see how her heart must break every time she has to leave an area. I wanted to add this story to Lauren's because it is a direct manifestation of the love my Savior has for me. He has sent these wonderful people to deepen my understanding of where my daughter is serving. He has sent these people for me to serve and give to as their families are giving and serving my daughter. I always try to pay it forward, but how fantastic to be pay it forward to the exact people who are serving my daughter. Our  lives have been expanded and enriched by meeting these wonderful people again because I know that we knew each other before we came to Earth.  

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