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Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy August!

Ok, I had a great week:)
I am really starting to enjoy working in Rio Claro. The people here are really nice and we have a few investigators that I am really excited about. Plus, I am becoming better friends with my companion, Sister Cirino. That always helps things. I would so rather have a really hard area and an awesome companion than a super easy area and annoying companion. I like to make friends:)
We worked really hard this week and that also makes things better. I feel so guilty if I feel like I am not doing anything. It´s a horrible feeling, but luckliy I don´t feel that way very much in the mission. Sister Cirino is amazing at street contacting and usually grabs a few addresses for us to visit. Because of this, we haven´t had to knock very many doors. I am learning a ton from her and it is great. 
Also this week we had to make a slide show for our Leadership Meeting in Piracicaba. President asked all the zones to come up with an idea that can help our mission improve. We talked with the Zone leaders and we decided that we would talk about our weekly district or zone meetings and how they can become better. I actually ended up making the slide show and it was so fun! I felt so good about my português too because I had to use Powerpoint in Português. That was pretty cool.
The actual meeting went great. All of the zones had great ideas and I am so excited to use them in our mission. One was about making 7000 contacts in a week (as a mission) I think that would be crazy fun and I am excited to try it out. Also, I got to see Sister Sargent, so the Sistermance (Like Bromance) continues. It was really great to just chat with her in English for a while. I live with 3 brasilians, so it´s been a while since I have spoken in English. But, Poços seems to be doing well and the ward there too. I think about Poços everyday, but it´s getting way easy to focus and love the work here in Rio Claro. One thing I was grateful for though was the traveling to the Leadership Meeting. Rio Claro is only like 40 minutes away from Piracicaba so we left our house, had the meeting, and got back home all in the same day. I almost cried I was so happy. Poços is great, but traveling to Piracicaba sucked. 
The rest of our week was great. We had a really awesome lesson with some investigators yesterday that filled my spiritual bucket. They were a street contact that we taught for the first time last week. Yesterday we taught the Restauração and it was very spiritual. It´s a couple named Rachel and Wilson. Wilson goes to church and has a great knowledge of the Bible, but Rachel is a little more difficult. Anyways, the begining of our lesson wasn´t so great, but when we taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision, the Spirit filled the room. As I was reciting Joseph´s words for Rachel and Wilson, I had the strongest confirmation that what I was saying was true. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know it and I cannot deny it. Joseph Smith is a true prophet and through him the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. 
I know that this Spirit touched Rachel and Wilson too. Sister Cirino was inspired and decided that we needed to sing that one hymn about The First Vision for Rachel and Wilson. It was pretty dang cool because we sang it to the tune of Come thou Fount. Then we said a prayer and left really fast so they could sit there and feel the Spirit. It was really amazing.  
I love having Spiritual experiences in the mission. It´s what makes it all worth it. I know that this chruch is true and I know that we have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth. HOw great is that!?! WE have the truth!! Woot!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! 
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week. The church is true and God loves you!!
Sister Whitney
Me with Sister Sargent and our old Zone leader. 

My beautiful companion

Some pics of the house where I live now. I am in heaven with the shower!

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