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Monday, March 24, 2014


SO, this week has been pretty great! I found out that this transfer, Sister Oliveira and I are staying together in Poços! Yayaya! I am so happy about this. This transfer is going to be the greatest! I love sister Oliveira so much and I am so happy we get to be companions for another transfer! Woot!
Anyway, I need to tell an epic tale. Yesterday, we were coming home from lunch to study. Our house has this door/gate thingy and then a hallway like thing that leads to our front door. It´s pretty narrow in the hallway thingy, but this has never been a problem before. That is, until yesterday.
Sister Oliveira opened the gate and I walked in without another thought. I was almost to the end of the hallway, when something caught my eye and stopped me dead in my tracks. Seriously the BIGGEST, HAIREST, BLACKEST, SPIDER was crawling down the wall in front of me, probably like 3 feet away. I screamed like a little girl and ran for the gate. By this time, Sister Oliveira noticed the enemy and ran screaming for the other side of the road. We stood there screaming for only a couple of minutes.
 Anyway, I knew I had to kill the beast, so I grabbed a couple of rocks and headed for the battlefield. Sister oliveira stayed screaming on the side of the road- it was her only defense. With a quick prayer, I headed down the hallway to face my fear. I flung the first rock and knocked the monster off the wall. But it wasn´t enough to kill the brute. With a little more courage, I headed down closer to our front door. Almost mockingly, the spider headed for our door, as if to show that it wasn´t afraid of me. Well, I was having none of this, so I hurled another rock at its hariy face. AND....It was a successful hit! With one mightly blow, the great black beast was defeated. We reclaimed our home and safety.
This really has no spiritual ties, but I though it was an experience worth sharing.
The spiritual aspects of our week were great. We have one GOLDEN investigator that wants to be Baptised! Her name is Viviane and I love her so much. The only problem is that she wants to be baptised in her boyfriend´s ward. I´m really not too upset about this because she knows the church is true. That is pretty much my whole job, to help people recognize the truth and then come unto God. So, if she gets baptized here or there, I am happy:)
Thank you so much for your prayers and kind thoughts:) I love you all so much and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Love, Sister Whitney

I found this. Giddy up for the Gospel. 

Happy Birthday to me. 

Yes, this is the enemy of which I spoke. I had no clue that brasil has monsters like this. Yay for me.

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