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Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3 2014

From Lauren March 3, 2014


Ok, so I´m sorry to do this again, but our baptism fell through. But, this time it was actually a good thing and I will tell you why. So this week we tried to see Marcos every single day. It´s really important that we see investigators preparing for baptism a ton the week before thier baptism because they might get blown away be the winds of Satan if we don´t.
Anyway, every day we set an appointment to see Marcos and he agreed. But when we called right before the lesson, he would cancel and say he had work or something like that. This went on the entire week. I really didn´t understand it because every time we talked to him he expressed how happy he was to be getting baptized.
I was really struggling with knowing what to do. Here was this guy with the desire to be baptized, but he didn´t want to gain the necessary knowledge to be baptized. And the crappy thing is that I´m senior comp and have the make the decision. Well, I prayed really hard to know what to do and then I read D&C 20:37 which talks about the qualifications for baptism. After I read that scripture, I knew Marcos wasn´t ready. And as soon as I came to that decision, another scripture popped into my head (Jacob 1:19) which talks about the responsibility of teaching the gospel and if we don´t teach it as best as we can, essentially that person becomes our responsibility.
So, I called Marcos up and told him that we needed to move his baptism date. He got really angry with me, but after awhile, he agreed to have a lesson with us . We set up the lesson during the exact same time as his baptism was going to be. Well, time for the lesson came and went and we didn´t see Marcos. Then, yesterday, he didn´t show up for church. So, obviously, I think there is something going on with him that isn´t 100% honest. I really hope we get the opportunity to finish teaching him and that he can be baptized, but only when he is ready.
Overall, this week I´ve really come to realize that this is the Lord´s work, not ours. I was really hoping to have another baptism to help out our mission, but the fact of the matter is that it will only happen when the Lord wants it to happen. I actually think this is more of a comfort than anything else. I know that the Lord will place those ready for this gospel in our path. I sincerely and 100% believe this. As long as I’m doing my part and working as hard as I can, the Lord will lead us to His elect. How great is that? Pretty dang great if you ask me :)

Other than the drama with Marcos, our week was pretty normal. We knocked doors a ton, but I actually really like it. It´s fun and we get to talk to a ton of people about the gospel. Plus working with Sister C. Silva is the best. She is so dang hilarious and sometimes we have to take breaks in between knocking doors because we get the giggles. I love her so much :)

Well, I hope that you all have a great week that is full of magic and joy :)

Com amor, Sister Lauren Whitney


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