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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013 Half-way mark in the MTC.

September 17, 2013


Another Great week at the MTC!!!

This week, our focus has been on progressing investigators and how to make street contacts. Our progressing investigators are actually our teachers, so it's a bit intimidating. Planning lessons that focus on the needs of an investigator is hard. One, sometimes I don't completely understand their needs because it's all in Portuguese. And two, sometimes I think I'm making their needs up and it's what I think they need rather than what the actually need. Nevertheless, Sister Padilla and I prepare a lesson as best as we can and then practice it like the dickens. 

I really do love teaching, even if it is only my teachers at this point. My favorite is when we go in with a lesson all prepared, but the Spirit takes it in a different direction. Yesterday, we had a lesson all planned about the plan of salvation. We went in, ready to teach our stuff, and pretty much left the lesson at the door. Our investigator (teacher) had several hard questions about why our church is the true church. Even in English I would have struggled, but in Portuguese it was definitely a lutar (struggle). I tried to explain as best I could that I know this church is true because of the Book of Mormon. Through the Book of Mormon, I know that the fullness of Christ's gospel has been restored. It is hard evidence that God does inspire men and talk to them in this day and age. It is hard evidence that the power of God, the priesthood, has been restored. Everything about this gospel hinges on the Book of Mormon. And because the Book of Mormon is the true word of God, this is the one, true church.
IN Portuguese, our investigator probably received a different response:) But I did try and I was happy with my efforts:)

 The MTC is starting to get old. I love learning the language and learning how to become and effective missionary, but I am so sick of the food. It definitely is cafeteria food, and they do a really nice job with it, it's just that I might die. Thank heavens for unlimited juice:) Other than that aspect, I still love the MTC.

 Also, our district is super close. I feel like I could be BFFs with everyone in our district. They have amazing testimonies, are hard workers, and are really funny. I am so blessed to have such amazing examples as a district. 

I try not to talk/quote about secular things (like The Office), but it's really hard when most of our district ( like our district leader, Elder Nixon (Mom, you met his grandma at Tanne's farewell)) knows pretty much every episode by heart. The best is when we start quoting it in Portuguese. Then I don't feel so bad because I'm learning in the process:) 
Got to go do laundry, part 2 to come.
Sorry about splitting up my letters. We are assigned a specific laundry time and if we don't go right away, then there are no machines to use.
Anyways, my district is awesome. We have two teachers Irmao Hickman and irmao Bitner. They are both BYU students, so that's pretty neat. They are also amazing teachers. I have learned so much from them and my testimony has grown so much. 

I really loved that you wrote on the temple sidewalk, but unfortunately I didn't get to see it. I was already in the temple at 6:30, so I probably just missed you:( I'm so happy that Cake gets to do medical explorers. Woot Woot! She's going to have a blast. 
Please make Elena, Bridger and dad write more. I really want to hear from them. 

I don't know what else to write about so shoot me some topics next week and I'll try to respond. I'm sorry I haven't been very diligent with paper mail. I literally get 30 minutes at the end of the day to brush my teeth, write in my journal, and say prayers. So, please try to understand that I want to write, it's just I don't have any time to.

 I love you all so much!!!!

 Sister Whitney

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