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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh lar-lo. It is so wonderful to hear from you. I was excited today when I realized that you only have 17 months left!!! hahahaha. U have to cut me some slack on that one. Yesterday I literally went through every single day that you will be gone and made my own chart cuz I hate that temple one. It was super depressing to realize that the entire year of 2014 I will not see my lar-lo. But then I realized that one month is already over! Anyway, I love you and just want you to know that I wait for your letters every Tuesday! love u baby girl! mom


(So these are the answers to a bunch of questions I sent her yesterday. Most are pretty self explanatory.)  

Yay! I love you too mom:)

So, my packages have all been grand. Nothing has been broken or yucky. I was so happy to get the last package. You are the best! It was my best day:) Also, could you quit sending me gum. As a missionary, I'm not allowed to chew it.

The Oct 7 is because that is my last full day in the MTC, so I shouldn't get mail here after that.

I would send more pictures over photobucket, but pretty much every website is blocked at the MTC. The flash drive thing might work in the field. the computers here are really crappy so I don't think it would work here.

I'm good on paper/envelopes for letters. Thank you for the stamps and stickers. They made my day.

I do have a hymn book in portuguese

We didn't watch the game,(BYU-UTAH) but our teachers told us about it because they are byu students. Muito Triste:(

I haven't seen Collin(Marci's husband who teaches Spanish at the MTC) but I run into Alex )Alex Wambach) all the time. We have class on the same floor. Dallin (Dallin Giles who she grew up with in west Jordan) has class on the floor below us. And I've seen a boatload of people from UCAS Her old high School) I ran into MR. Williams yesterday too. 

I love you and now I'm going to try to send some pictures:)

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