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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oi! Minha Familia! Como vai??        September 24, 2013

This has yet again be another great week at the MTC. I think my favorite day was Sunday (more like funday). Anyway, Sundays are pretty chill here at the MTC. They encourage us to study personally and to kind of take a break. So, we (my district) watch a boatload of Mormon Messages. They are the greatest. I totally advise everyone to watch them. 
Around 10 we go to relief society (priesthood for the elders). It's always amazing because we have incredible speakers come and share a message with us. This week was Sister Stevens from the General Primary Presidency. Her talk was on the love of Christ and how we can show that love for our investigators by introducing and helping them to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed it. 
After that spiritual boost, we had lunch at 11 and then headed for sacrament. This week was a little nerve racking. Traditionally, one of the older districts in our branch does some sort of musical number. Well, this week it was our turn. And since i can't sing to save my life, I volunteered to play the viola. That was a great idea except the MTC only has violins, cellos, and flutes for missionaries. So, I played the violin to Army of Helaman and transposed it from the children's songbook. I was so nervous about messing up. I must have said 30 prayers asking for help. And, they were all answered. Our district sounded beautiful, all singing about the Army of Helaman, and I didn't even mess up. I can't even tell you how grateful I am that the Spirit can help make up our inadequacy in our times of need. It was a wonderful experience and a definite testimony builder.
Once sacrament was over, our district goes for a walk around the Temple. There are so many missionaries around the temple on Sunday. It's totes crazy:) Then we booked it back to the MTC for devotional. 
This week's devotional was by Elder Bateman, emeritus general authority. This one was actually kind of boring and I didn't pay attention that well. But, I did listen to him when he talked about what makes a great missionary. It's all in Alma 17, so go check it out. There's some pretty great stuff in there:)
After devotional, the MTC plays different films in several buildings. Sister Padilla and I were lucky enough to get into one on a talk by Elder Holland. That guy is more popular than someone who is really popular here;) Anyway, his talk was amazing. I'm just going to paraphrase it. He basically said:

We live in the last great dispensation. Never has the gospel flourished as much as it has in this day and age. He discussed how the previous prophets of the last dispensation must have know that they weren't going to succeed in converting everyone unto Christ. But they held in there because they saw our day. They saw that finally, this time, with this generation, the gospel would be spread all over the Earth. We are finally going to win. And because I am a part of this generation, as a missionary, I need to be dedication all of my time, 24/7 to the saving of a human soul. I will never do anything more important with my life than perhaps have a family. This isn't something missionaries just do to get a break from school or life. No. This is life. This is as real as it gets and I need to devote every ounce of my being into this work. 

Needless to say, the Spirit was overwhelming and most of the missionaries were crying, myself included (like glistening tear crying, not flat out bawling). It made me realize that I need to push myself harder to be the sort of missionary that is good for the mission. Not the sort where the mission is only good for me. I definitely have a ton of personal goals to work on. 

Eu sou grata por este evangelho. Eu sei que este evangelho e verdaderio. Eu sou grata por minha opportunidade servir um missao. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo viva. Digo esta coisas em o nome de Jesus Cristo, amem. 
(Google translate: I am grateful for this gospel. I know that this gospel and verdaderio. I am grateful for my opportunidade serve one mission. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I say this things in the name of Jesus Christ, love.)

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  1. I love this young woman. She is so dedicated, honest, and true. Go get 'em, Sister Whitney..