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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pioneer Day Week-lots of pics!

So this week has its ups and downs, but I still loved it:) Since we got the whole week to work in our area (we finished visiting all the sisters we need to), we were able to get a ton done. We found some new people and got to have some good lessons with old investigators. I loved it. I would have to say my favorite lesson was with and old lady and her daughter. We went to their house on satuday after lunch and after saying a prayer to start a fast. Anyways, we got there and we started to teach the Restauração. It was going pretty well and I actually think that Abigail, the old woman´s daughter has some potential. Also, this old woman, Benidita, loves us to death. She gets so happy every time she see us and always wants us to stay and eat food with her. Usually we can get out of it but this last time she thought with would be a good idea to make us a cake, on a saturday, when we were fasting. We tried to make up an excuse, but Abigail turned to us and said, "you´re not going to eat the cake my mom made especially for you?!?". Sister Sargent and I just kind of looked at each other for a minute and then gave in. I though Benidita was going to die from happiness. So, we broke our fast and ate the cake. Thankfully it was really good cake and we ended up saying another fast prayer after the lesson. I love serving a mission:)
Also this week, we found out about transfers. I have been transfered to Rio Claro! My new companion´s name is Sister Crino and I am VERY excited for this next 6 weeks. Sister Crino is already my friend and I am so happy I get the chance to be her companion. 
But on the other hand, I am so sad to leave Poços and Sister Sargent. These last 5 months have been the best of my mission. I feel like I really became a missionary here and that I was able to help some people out. I love this ward so much and it broke my heart a little bit to say goodbye to everyone yesterday at church. Also, Sister Sargent is my best friend in the whole world and it´s going to be hard without her. She is so kind, funny, smart, and genuine and it was the happiest 6 weeks of my life serving with her.
But, the Lord knows what I need for this next part of my mission and I am SOOSOOO excited to jump into it!! Woot!!
I love you all so much and I am happy that you guys are having such a fantastic summer. You can totally share stories, I don´t get sad at all to hear them. I just get a little jealous:) But feel free to tell me the deets:)
Love Sister Whitney

(This is Lauren's companion's letter and my last week of double letters dangit!)
Hey there everyone!

Okay so I just have to start out by telling you all that I have never cried so much or been so devastated in my whole mission as I have been the last few days. This transfer has been the best of my entire mission, and tomorrow I have to say good-bye to my best friend, Sister Whitney. We have both been crying a lot and I just have the saddest feeling inside. It is really hard! Everyone told me there would be hard things in the mission, but there is just no way to really understand until you are here! I feel like the rest of my mission will be a let-down because I have already had my perfect transfer. I don't really remember how to be a missionary without Sister Whitney. It just works with her, and it has been so dang easy.

From the beginning, Sister Whitney and I knew it would be our only transfer together. She is now headed to Rio Claro (my old zone! yeah!) to be with Sister Cirino. As for me, I will stay here in Poços this next transfer and my new companion will be Sister Bispo! Let me tell you what I know about her: of all the sister training leaders in the mission, she has been one for the longest. She is a Brazilian from Curitiba, so she will be my first comp from the south! YES! Finally, I can try to pick up the most beautiful Brazilian accent (no offense to Sister Pontes or Sister Menezes but their accents were wretched and I did everything possible to not catch them). She is in her last transfer, so I will kill her! Whoo! Never killed a missionary before. She speaks decent English, she is BEAUTIFUL and looks like a model. She baptizes a lot. Everyone says she is really blunt, so that will be fun for me...since everyone who knows me knows how well I deal with bluntness :) fun fun. But I do know that she will have a LOT to teach me. She is a fantastic missionary, maybe the best this mission has. And I plan to learn every single thing I can with her, and make her last transfer her absolute best! I think it will be okay, gente. I am scared, now that I am a STL, she is going to expect that I know what I am doing, get here, and realize that even with 11 months in the mission, I still have no clue. Haha. Pois é. But this will be my very first companion here in Brazil that has more experience and time in the mission than me, I am excited for that.

We did a lot of finding this week, and we definitely have a few investigators with potential, though none that are progressing at the moment. That is kind of tough, we are struggling with that part. We had some funny things happen this week and if I had more time I would tell about them. But suffice it to say, every day is a good day with Sister Whitney. It was a great week, it was nice to spend the whole thing in our area...for a change. 

I love you all! The church is true. I love what I am doing, and I love being a missionary!

Sister Sargent

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  1. I love, love this post. Lauren looks fabulous and happy. What a great experience.