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Monday, July 28, 2014

11 months Anniversary!

It sounds like you guys had an awesome week. I am so sad that I wasn´t there for Bridger´s preisthood ordanation, but I am so proud of him. Now our house has two preisthood holders!!! Yay!!!
Toby looks amazing! I got so anxious to squeeze my pupper as I was looking at the pictures. ANXIOUS!!!! I am so jealous that the girls are out in my spot in SD, but what are you going to do. Also, isn´t it crazy that they ran in to Elder West?!? What a small world! I almost didn´t believe it. Wow.
Ok so this was a week full of changes.
First off, leaving Poços was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. It is not a good idea to keep missionaries that long in an area because they become so attached with all the members, investigators, and other missionaries. The hardest part was leaving Rose and Bruno. Sister Sargent and I went over to their house right before I had to leave to say goodbye. I knew it was going to be a struggle because I startede to cry right when I entered the house. Rose thanked me for all the stuff we taught her and said that it was going to be hard to get used to another missioanry. I told her that I was going to miss them like crazy and that they need to stay firm in the church and all that stuff. Seriously my heart was breaking. I love these people so much and I probably will never see them again. It was really hard and I am so happy Sister Sargent was there to give me a hug and help me through it all. But, I regret nothing. These last couple of months in Poços are the best of my live and I wouldn´t trade them for the world. Especially the last 6 with Sister Sargent. I have never been so happy in my entire life.
We got to Piracicaba on Tuesday and switched companions. Sister Sargent and I both cried like a bunch of boobs. Oh my gosh it was so embarassing with everyone looking, but I didn´t care. She is my best friend soulmate. 
The first couple of days in Rio Claro were a little hard. Just the ajustment to a new companion, a new area, and new people is a little hard. But, I can honestly say that I love it here. Rio Claro is SO flat. There are literally no hills here. And all I can think is that I am going to get so fat without my daily hike in church clothes. Haha, i sure hope not.
I love Sister Cirino. She has about 2 more months in the mission than I do, so I am learning a ton from her. She is from the south from a city called Curitiba and has a family just like mine. 3 girls and a boy. She is the oldest of her siblings and was also studying chemistry before she left on her mission. We actually have a ton in common and it´s been really easy getting to know her. I am so grateful for that:) 
The ward here is great. The members are very open and friendly and they want to help us out with the work. I love making friends with the ward members. Some of them have amazing life/conversion stories.
So far, I am loving this new area. It was hard to change, but I want you all to know that I am happy and really enjoying my time as a missionary. Today I made 11 months in the mission and I seriously cannot believe where the time is going. IT´S CRAZY!!!
LOve you all,
Sister Whitney
This is Max from Poços. I have been teaching this kid since the 7 of feburary and he still isn´t baptized. He will be one day though. He really wants to find the truth. It´s just taking forever and now some other missionary will enjoy it. Still, I learned a ton teaching him and he really is my friend.

Sister Sargent was mad at me for something. I felt free to capture the moment:) I miss her so much.

This is Julia. She a young woman from the Ward in Poços. She loved to go out and visit people with us and I am going to miss her like crazy.

A bunch of  people that I am also going to miss. The ward in Poços is like my second family.

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