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Monday, July 14, 2014

Multizona Conference!

Ok, so this week was crazy!! On Tuesday we had a multizona (zone conference with 2 other zones) and it was so much fun. We had to get up at 4 am to catch the van that would take us to our destination. I didn´t love that, but what are you going to do? Anyways, I so so so happy because I got to see Sister Oliveira there!! I love her so much and it was so fun to catch up and pull out our old inside jokes. It was actually really cool because I had four of my eight past companheiras there. Sister Sargent, Sister Gomes, Sister Oliveira, and Sister Padilla. Neat huh? 
Also, I really liked what we learned at this conference. President explained how important it is that we have our own testimony. In order to do missionary work, we need to be converted personally first. I remember joking around with Tyler, Robyn, Angie, and the rest of the gang last year when we went zip-lining. We were all wearing harnesses for the zip line and I felt free to share my thoughts on them. Harnesses are like testimonies. It´s great when your friend has one, but it is essential for you to have one too. Otherwise, you die. I still hold true to this thought:)
Also, Presidente made a new rule that we have to go through the Book of Mormon and mark scriptures that are tied in with the 5 lessons in Preach my Gospel. I have really enjoyed marking up a new BOM and learning more about the Restaurção, Plano de Salvação, O evangelho, os mandamentos, e leis e ordananças. Actually, I´ve learned that almost all the scriptures have something to do with the Plano de Salvação. It´s pretty neat.  I just it´s kind of important:)
The next couple of days were not my favorite. PResident ask Sister Sargent and I to do a 3 day split with some sisters in our zone. They weren´t very obedient and we kind of had to get on their cases. It makes me super sad when I find out missionaries aren´t doing their job. This is the Lord´s time and if you are going to waste it, just go home. Uggh! Also, we had to knock a ton of doors. I love talking to people, but three days of door knocking is not my favorite. I was so happy to come home to Poços on Friday night. 
The rest of the week was ok. It was kind of hard working with the last of the World Cup going on. We watched the game on Saturday and cried a little bit. Come on Brasil! And then on Sunday we stayed at home during the game and studied/ took a nap:) Now that the Cup is over, I am excited to get back to work for reals. Woot!! 
I love you all so much and I am so happy that you had a great time together:) Have a great week!
Sister Whitney

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