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Monday, April 28, 2014

Gordo the dog


Oh my gosh did we have the best week! I love being a missionary!!!
Last P-day we had a zone activity in another city. We had to take the bus to get there, but it was worth it because we had amazing meat for food. I was in heaven. Overall, ait was a great activity, eating and talking. Yep, pretty much it.
Anyway, after the activity and emailing our families, all the missionaries from Poços had to catch the abus back to our areas. Well, the bus was super slow and we didn´t end up catching it until 7:30pm. So, we were riding the bus back home and I received a phone call. It was our sister trainer leaders and they were waiting for us at our house in Poços de Caldas. Let´s hear it for not calling ahead of time to make plans. Yay! Ok, enough sarcasm. 
Luckily one of the Sisters, Sister Lopéz, knows a member here and they just chatted with her at her house until we arrived an hour later. Oh yeah, the Other sister trainer leader is my old companion, Sister N.Lopes! I was so happy to see her again! The only ship I need is a friendship!
Anyways, they stayed two days with us to help us out and see what kind of missionaries we are. It was a really fun split. I was with Sister Lopéz and Sister Oliveira was with sister N.Lopes. We got a ton of work done and I learned some new techniques from the Sisters. It was a party also with Sister N.Lopes. Man do I love her. Yeah, so that was pretty great.
Also this week we found out about transfers. And....I am staying in Poços!!!! Yay!! But I will be training a new missionary and another companionship is moving in with us. And the other companionship includes Sister Sargent!! MY Bff from the MTC!!! I am so happy I can´t even stand it!!! She will be training a new missionary too. So, it´s going to be amazing here in Poços de Caldas 2 with four sisters. YAYAYAYAY!!!
The only sad thing is that Sister Oliveira was transferred:( I am going to miss her so much. She is seriously and awesome missionary.
So, later today, we´re going to catch a bus to São João (the city were we had our zone activity) and spend the night with the sisters that work there. Then, in the morning, we´ll head to Piracicaba to exchange companions and pick up the new sisters. I am so excited for this next transfer! I love Poços!!!!
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! I love you all so much. Have a fantastic week!
Love, Sister Whitney

p.s. It´s finally cold here in Poços. It´s probably like in the 60s. It´s heaven:)
p.p.s. If there are random a´s in my letter it´s because of the stupid keyboard.

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