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Monday, February 17, 2014

The lessons we learn in the gospel are like honey.

This week was probably the best trail of faith that I have ever had.
So, my new area is really hard. We knock doors every day and only have a few people to teach. Last week I was really down about this and I kept thinking about how my other area was better and the ward was better, and blah blah blah. Well, I didn´t like that at all, so I started praying to Heavenly Father to help me love this area. And it totally worked!
Right after p-day last week, we went and contacted a reference. Well the reference turned out to be pretty golden and we are now teaching a family of 6, 4 of which can be baptized! Our first visit with them was just talking and visiting, so we could get to know them better. After about an hour, I asked if we could say a prayer together before we left. They agreed and I said a quick little prayer asking for the holy ghost to be with them and their home. After the prayer, the oldest girl, Laura, said that she felt something really good in her heart that she´s never felt before. I almost died I was so happy. So, we explained about the Holy ghost and how he talks to us. She then told us that she´s never felt anything like this with any other church. 
OUr next lesson with them was the restauração and they agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We going to try and see them tonight and see if they did. I sure hope so. This family is really special and I love them so much!
The rest of the week was really great too. For some reason, I love knocking doors now. It´s actually really fun and we get to talk with a bunch of people about the gospel. ONe day, sister C. Silva and I played a game while tracting. We had to give each other words to use in our door approach. I had words like trial, faith, virtue, etc. It was really fun and helped us to change up what we usually say. I was kind of mean with one word for Sister Silva. I gave her the word 'Honey". It was hilarious watching her try to use it in a church related way. But she totally pulled it off with something like "the lessons we learn in the gospel are like honey". A little cheesy, but still good. 
Sister C. Silva is the best. This past week we really connected and now we´re bffs. It´s sooo much easier working with someone you like. Another blessing from this week:) 
So overall, this week I learned that when we have faith that the Lord will provide the things we ask for, He really will provide them. I love it! Poços de Caldas is the best and I love serving here!
And this week, if you could pray for our investigators, that would really help. We have the Batista family, Max, Daniel, Marcos, and Janet. Keep them in your prayers, especially the Batista family. I love you all!
Sister Whitney 

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