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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013 From Lauren

Oh, Mom! You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that our family is doing so well. I can tell that you are all growing closer together and loving each other more. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to do missionary work knowing that my family is ok. It is the best feeling!
Anyway, I need you skype number. I really don´t have a clue how this is going to work out. We are going to go to a member´s house on Christmas and use their computer. I´m not sure what time, probably in the late afternoon here, so maybe morning there. And if skype doesn´t work, I don´t know about the telephone. It´s all a little iffy to me,  but I have faith:)
Also, I have some random requests. Can I have some recipes for Cookies? Brazilians love cookies here (American style) but they don´t know how to make them. The less ingredients the better. Also, what is the story behind the song Danny Boy? An elder in my district really wants to know and I know that you know:) That is al l:)

 Love you :)!!!!!

 This week I am going to keep it short so I can send pictures.
I would say the highlight was that Elder Mazzagardi (area 70 over Brasil) came and spoke to our mission on Wednesday. The parts that I could understand were pretty dang great. Basically, he challenged us to talk more and to not be ashamed of the gospel. That really helped me because sometimes I am afraid of talking to strangers. It also doesn´t help that I don´t know how to talk with the strangers, haha. Anyway, this week I´ve been talking more to people on the street and in our lessons. I´ve just been telling myself that everyone needs the gospel and who am I to not share it? It´s been quite helpful l:)
Also, the work in our area is really picking up. Usually we teach 4 solid lessons a day and then have other "random" encounters with people. It´s awesome! And this week we really focused on lesson 3 in preach my gospel, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Lopes and I got really good at teaching it. I actually taught half of the lesson. How great is that! I feel like I can finally contribute to our lessons as a teacher, not just a testimony bearer (which is important, but I really like to teach).
Another cool thing happened this week. I had my first fast for an investigator. She has been having trouble with quitting smoking so we decided to fast with her. We taught her a lesson about fasting and then right after asked if she would like to fast to quit smoking. She said yes and we said a prayer and started right then. Now, fasting is super hard here. It´s not the food thing that gets me, but the water thing. For fast Sunday, I almost died, haha (not really). But for some reason, this fast was really easy and I know it was because we were doing it for our investigator. Also, she made it too! And so far she hasn´t smoked! So awesome! I definitely have a testimony of the power of fasting. If you´re struggling with something need an answer, or you just want to thank Heavenly Father, fasting is the way to go. I love it!
Well, I love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic day, week, and month!
Sister Whitney


Just out walking around our area, going to an appointment. It´s so dang beautiful here. Though, I do miss snow. A little.

A member that I love to death. The only words in English she (Elianna) knows are from the Titanic. So, she calls me Rose. So precious:)

My zone:) They are pretty dang awesome. We were all together to clean the chapel for our conference with Elder Mazzagardi. I am the only american sister. Total in our mission I think we have 5 american sisters, four of which (counting me) are from my MTC district.

Sister Forsyth and me. Sister Forsyth is from my MTC district. She is hilarious and we usually make cat puns together. I love her! All these pictures are from our conference with Elder Mazzagardi.

Me and my comp. I love her to death. She´s from Santa catarina (Not sure about that spelling) which is in southern brasil. She is the oldest of 3 and has one sister and one brother. Her parents are converts and from what she has told me, they are pretty dang awesome.

Yes I have frodo hair. This is Sister Tolentino. She´s basically my bff here. She doesn´t speak english, but she is so dang funny. I love her to pieces.


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  1. I absolutely love, love the pictures. Thanks Sister Lar-lo.