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Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz ano novo

This week was fantastic!

First off, whoever is praying that I get the gift of tongues thank you so much! I got it:) This week was a leap in my português skills. Now, I understand everything that Sister Lopes says to me and about 80% of what everyone else is talking about. IT is so much more fun being in Brasil, knowing I can talk with people now. OH MY GOSH DO I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I am 100% certain that it is all because of your prayers and reading the Book of Mormon in português. Wow, who would know that the Book of Mormon not only contains the fullness of the gospel, but is also an effective language tool. Two for the price of one. Woot!

Second, New years was really fun! We had lunch with my favorite member, Eliana. She is so dang funny and it was a complete blast having almoço with her. Also, the food was incredible. I now have an addiction to brasilian barbeque. Holy Cow is it good. 

This week was also great because we now have a new companion! It was transfers last week and a new batch of missionaries showed up. We are in a trio now because there is an odd number of sisters in the mission now. So, Sister Lopes is training another americana, Sister Scott, and I am helping. It was an interesting experience being with all the trainers as they got their tranees. I can´t believe it´s just been one transfer for me here. My português is lightyears better than it was and it made me so grateful for all the work I´ve done to get to where I am now. It also gave me the confidance to speak more. Up until that point, I had the attitude that I didn´t really know portugues. But after seeing my progress, I now have the confidance to speak way more. It is so great! Also, Sister Padilla and Elder Nixon (from my MTC district) were there. It was great to talk with them and hear of their experiences in the States.   

Sister Scott is great and we´re already pretty good friends. She´s from Tenasse ( I honestly don´t know how to spell that state. What a struggle) and is straight from the MTC in provo. I am so grateful for my time in Californa. IT was such a blessing already knowing how to teach the lessons in English and then learning them in Portugues. But, it´s been fun helping Sister Scott learn the material. It´s a good review for me too:) I already love her a ton:)

Nothing extremely spiritual happened this week (everyday has spiritual things so it´s hard to choose one to share). Church was really great. We had a boatload of investigators there, including the guy I played the violin with in the Favela. He loves music and came to church, on his own, to see how we do music. He loved it and I have a feeling that he might be our next baptism:) We´ll see:) 

Anyway, I´m sorry that this week is so short. If you have any questions or want to know something about missionary life, brasil, or whatever, let me know:) I love you all and thanks again for the prayers:)

Sister Whitney
Janeiro had the most rain and it´s the hottest month. yay... IT seriously rained like a foot that day.

                                   I finally caught a lizard. I named him Ben and then set him free:)

                                                                      Favela adventures

                                                           Me and Sister Scott:) My sister:)

                 Thanks for telling Eliana we needed a shower curtain! Our house is so beautiful now:)


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  1. Lauren, you look so happy. It was so great watching you watch the video clips we sent to you. I really looked like a dork. sorry!!! I can't believe how hot it is there and how cold it is here. Angie and Geoff finally made it home today, Monday. They had to spend the night in Buffalo, Wyo. due to whiteout conditions. But they are home and moving into their new house... Jan. 10 and 11. What a way to celebrate my birthday. ha ha Love you so much. MiMi