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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013:2nd week in Brazil

November 25, 2013

I had a pretty good week. Portuguese is still hard, but I´d say that I understand about half of what is going on. I´m speaking better and I actually got to teach a part of a lesson this week. It was pretty cool because I usually just give my testimony. I struggled a bit, but our investigator totally understood what I was saying. So neat! I feel bad though because Sister Lopes pretty much does all the talking. But nevertheless, I keep trying, haha. I´m excited for this week because I started reading and marking up a Livro de Mormon. It´s actually been super helpful, so that´s another neat thing.

I love Brasil. The people are amazing, the country is beautiful, and I get to be a missionary here. So amazing. To put my love for these people into perspective, I willing took and ate tomatoes for a member during lunch. They were disgusting and awful, but I love these people so much that I didn´t care. I LOVE BRASIL!!!

Aside from tomatoes, the food here is amazing too. Food of the week was definitely this pudding stuff. I have no clue what the name is, but it tastes like if someone took a bunch of hostess snowballs and made them into a pudding. I was in heaven! Also, the meat here is pretty dang good too. Needless to say, I don´t go hungry.

The work here is going pretty well too. We have a couple of investigators that are preparing for baptism, so that is pretty exciting! Talking with people here is super easy because they love to talk. Even if they´re not interested in the gospel they will still talk with us about it. It´s pretty cool.

My favorite thing though, is talking with the members. They think it is hilarious when I speak Portuguese so they make me talk a lot. I really love them too, because they help me with my pronunciation and learning new words. And when I do mess up, they think it´s even funnier. Like the other day we were having lunch with a member after church. I was helping 2 of the ladies with the dishes and they asked if I was going to get married after my mission (Utah Mormons would do really well here because it´s the usual to get married at 18, yuck). I was like, in Portuguese, No, I’m afraid of marriage, which I thought was a good response. Unfortunately, I said something along lines of No, I don´t give a `swear word’ about marriage. They almost died they were laughing so hard. Oh, gosh.Obviously I am still learning:)

Well, I love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic week! Peace and Blessings!

Sister Whitney


Minha Companhera! Sister Lopes
(Notice the graffiti as well as the spiral barbed-wire on top of that wall!)

(Looks like Lauren gets the baby bed! Good to see a fan in there cuz its H.O.T.!)

The Bathroom (totally leaves something to be desired).

The front room where we study and plan.

(She has lost a bunch of weight and someone needs to help her with that hair! Can't wipe that smile off however! Just what a Mom needs to see!)

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  1. Lauren looks so happy. What shall I send her for Christmas? Any suggestion? Love you lar-lo. You are doing a great job, Sister,